editor's letter

Welcome to the sixth edition of Leasing Life’s digital briefing magazine.

Welcome to the sixth edition of Leasing Life’s digital briefing magazine.

In this third edition of 2018, we cover some of the learning points from the FCA investigation into small business regulation following the RBS GRG report.

Additionally, a recent controversial Financial Times article on asset finance lending practices suggested that the market was heading towards a potential crash. We look at that claim here in more detail.

We investigate the CYBG merger with Virgin Money as a potential change in the leasing market.

There are a series of articles about the developments that a ‘no-deal’ or hard Brexit could have on the British business and leasing sector.

The first is looking at the logistical effect on consumer and commercial wheeled assets and what the Department of Transport is doing about it, with reference to their recent report.

Various manufacturers with captive funders have been making noise in the mainstream press – we cover off some of the more significant players here.

We have articles covering developments with the Ombudsman and the regulatory creep that’s seeping into the leasing market; the RBS funding package for SMEs that the challengers are set to battle over; and insight into how the UK robotics industry and its leasing sector is developing.

We also look at what policymakers are doing to improve SME access to finance. All in all, a busy time and a busy issue.

If you’re interested in reading about these topics with more of a deep insight, please be sure to look up our subscription magazine, available through our site.

I hope you enjoy reading it.