Through our integrated front-to-end platform, lessors can simplify the entire leasing experience, accelerate least processing and revenues, and reduce operational inefficiencies through automation and configurations.

Designed for Captive Lessors, Bank Lessors, Independent Lessors, and Vendor Finance customers levering our cloud-based leasing platform obtain a 360-degree view for improved user experience, helping deliver a differentiated dealer and lessee experience.

Proven margin improvements by managing more contracts and assets with less staff and reduced expenses while providing for real revenue growth as new leasing products can be developed in days rather than months. 

Our single system of record helps lessors reduce their operations, business, and regulatory risks.

In combination with our global professional service and account management team, the Cloud Lending Lease Xcelerate program enables companies to go live in 8 weeks with best-of-breed workflows and business automation.

This allows asset finance companies to grow their portfolio, automate operations, records, and contracts, and manage assets within and after maturity and delinquencies with ROI in the same year.

With offices in San Mateo, London, Sydney, and Bangalore, Cloud Lending is empowering Financial Institutions to improve their leasing practice.

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Cloud lending Lease Xcelerate